Month: April 2018


Should you be worried about a trade war affecting your commercial loan?

President Trump’s potential trade war with China and other countries has been dominating the news as everyone tries to figure out if the trade war will have an immediate impact on their lives. At the forefront of those searching for answers are small business owners whose companies may be impacted by a loss of revenue …

Should you be worried about a trade war affecting your commercial loan? Read More »


Picking a Commercial Loan Broker: How to Find the Best Partner for Your Needs.

Getting the capital, you need to run your business is a daunting task. Banks can be frustrating to work with and finding a loan on your own can seem impossible. Commercial loan brokers can be a middle ground between the strict requirements of a bank and an overwhelming challenge of going it alone.

Factoring and Accounts Receivable Options

Accounts receivable financing, also known as factoring, is a less familiar form of commercial financing for many business owners. This unique solution uses money owed to a company as collateral to secure the financing.  There are a variety of options, so let’s see how the pros and cons line up for each.

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