Month: October 2018


Navigating Nepotism: Stormy Waters Ahead

If you own or run a small business, you may be tempted to hire a friend or family member—either because you actually need the help or because the person needs a job. While there are advantages to having a buddy on your staff, there are also challenges. For starters, friends and family may assume privileges …

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Three Things to Consider before Buying a Marina

Marinas offer a unique and exciting opportunity for investors who want to live the dream of working by the water. However, with this opportunity comes the challenge of balancing the numbers and living the dream. Before you launch into this endeavor, it’s important to consider the following three things. Scarcity is one of the greatest …

Three Things to Consider before Buying a Marina Read More »


Leverage Time Frames to Strengthen Your Bids

Time management is essential to the successful operation of any business. The same is true when investing in real estate. Your offer, or purchase agreement, will likely contain several conditions, and the timing for those conditions will not only impact the purchase price but also your ability to secure the property. Here are three things …

Leverage Time Frames to Strengthen Your Bids Read More »


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