Alternative Lenders for SBA's PPP Loan

The Payroll Protection Program (PPP) officially launched on Friday, April 3 to help small business owners affected by the coronavirus pandemic obtain funding to cover payroll, rent, and other obligations.

Although administered by the SBA, the loans themselves will be disbursed by the nation’s banks, credit unions, and other federally approved lenders.

If your existing bank is offering PPP loans, we encourage you to apply with them.  If they are not, we have assembled a list of Fintechs and SBA lenders who are accepting non-customer applications (the last time we checked).

 Non Bank SBA Lenders



Fintechs – SBA Approved for PPP Loans (new)


Intuit (Quickbooks)  


On Deck (newly approved)

Matchmaker Fintechs


National Business Capital (pause on new applications)



Lendio  (pause on new applications)

BlueVine (partnering with Cross River Bank)


Lantern Credit / SoFi 

We know some banks & even the local SBA are referring businesses to matchmaker Fintechs.  Be aware that these are NOT banks.  They collect your information and send a few automated emails right afterwords to acknowledge your application and then (so we’ve heard) go silent.  Most are trying to send your application through the same 3-4 SBA lenders.  Those lenders are overwhelmed with the volume and are apparently limiting the volume of daily applications that can be submitted.  Third parties are not well compensated in this process but see value in getting information about your business. Look for heavy loans solicitations a few months from now if you’ve applied with any of these.  Be concerned if a “lender” is just collecting your contact information and not an application or supporting documents.  

Northern California Local Banks & Credit Unions

Banner Bank

US Bank

Union Bank

Third Coast Bank

*these banks have indicated they plan to work with non customers as soon as they get through the big wave of customer applications…please reach out via EMAIL with your contact info if you would like an introduction to a local banker. 

Southern California Local Banks & Credit Unions

Bank of Southern California

Bournes Employees Credit Union

BSD Capital dba Lendistry

Cathay Bank

Center Stone SBA Lending

Commerce West Bank

Commercial Bank of California

Pacific Enterprise Bank

Sun West Bank

If You See Ads on Social Media

There area few ads floating around on  Facebook and other social media promising to get you a disaster loan.  Run from these.  They give legitimate licensed brokers a bad name.  If you look close at their social media accounts the “lenders” didn’t exist 30 days ago.  Watch out for scams and anyone wanting money up front.  

If you have 300-500 employees

If your monthly payroll is OVER $2M, please reach out to us direct by EMAIL or call 916-273-6844 for a lender solution that may be a better fit. 

Documents Needed

(this will vary slightly with each lender – please have ready at time of application to prevent delays)

  • Your Business Start Date
  • The number of employees you had on 02/15/2020
  • DL copies, or Passport ID of each 20% owner
  • Your business NACIS#. This is an industry code and you can find your by visiting
  • Entity docs/Art, of Inc./Company Bylaws
  • 2019 IRS Payroll Tax report: forms 940&944

You can apply for the PPP Loan Program through June 30, 2020.  Once you receive funds, the clock starts on the 8 week window you have to use funds under the forgiveness program. 

Be Patient – It’s a stressful time to be an employer and business owner.  Once your application gets submitted and you receive confirmation it has been received, the most important advice I can give is to be patient.  Lenders were not prepared for this kind of volume and many are working 18 hour days to process the thousands of applications they are receiving.  The SBA was not prepared for this -they have a slow and outdated system for receiving applications from banks for approval.  If you need fast access to funds, you may want to consider the EIDL emergency advance loan directly through the SBA. 

You can apply for both the EIDL and PPP loan as long as loan proceeds are not used for the same purpose.  



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