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Managing Partner & Founder of Sierra Commercial Capital LLC

Is Your Business Customer-Centric? -

Is Your Business Customer-Centric?

Today’s customers expect you to stand behind your products and services, care about their issues, and promptly resolve their problems. They expect you to be customer-centric. A customer-centric organization is one in which customer satisfaction is the absolute highest priority. Customer centricity is a deeply embedded business mind-set based on the principle that every aspect …

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What to Look for When Buying a Business

Potential business owners often view buying an existing business as less risky than starting a company from scratch. Turnkey businesses provide an established client base, a recognizable name, and a predictable cash-flow pattern. But shrewd investors can further reduce their risks by evaluating the following areas before purchasing: Franchise vs. an independent business The brand …

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Accessibility Features Can Attract New Tenants

As the North American population continues to age, people are facing mobility challenges that have a detrimental impact on home ownership. Shoveling the driveway and mowing the lawn get harder as an individual ages. Household maintenance requires more outside help as the physical realities of aging take hold. Investors can expand their portfolio by investing …

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How to Maintain Customers during and after a Move -

How to Maintain Customers during and after a Move

Changing your business location poses significant challenges. If not managed properly, a move can disrupt clientele, which can result in a dip in customer satisfaction and a reduction in foot traffic. To avoid this disruption and maintain existing customer relationships, use the following moving tips. Update your online presence: Many businesses maintain an active online …

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Nontraditional Commercial Investments -

Nontraditional Commercial Investments

Growth in nontraditional commercial real estate investments has drawn some courageous entrepreneurs who are beginning to reap rewards. Agricultural properties have shown consistent and positive financial returns, billboards offer low start costs, and data centers have shown that demand for their services continues to grow. With innovative investment opportunities, the time has never been better …

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