Recruiting and Hiring in the Digital Age

Finding and hiring the right team is vital to the success of any start-up or small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). However, these processes can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools to help small businesses streamline the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes. To begin, check out online job boards like Indeed, SimplyHired, …

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Property Manager vs. Self-Manager

Property management is an intimidating prospect for many income property owners. The ongoing maintenance, tenant relationships, rent collection, and lease enforcement issues require both time and management skills. A review of the five most common aspects of property management will help you decide whether you need to hire a property manager or whether you can …

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Top Marketing Strategies for Start-Ups

Effective marketing efforts are born from clear strategies that target specific marketing objectives. A start-up needs to make people aware of the company and its products and services and should focus on tactics that provide broad visibility. If yours is a B2C company with offerings aimed at local consumers, place ads in local directories or …

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Before You Buy a Legal Nonconforming Property…

Most North American municipalities have zoning regulations in place. These rules govern land use and the structures permitted on that land. As communities advance, the zoning needs and requirements for future development evolve. As a result, some properties fall out of step with the current zoning regulations. This is known as a legal nonconforming property. …

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Where Will Technology Take Us Next?

Products like smartphones and voice-command speakers used to be the stuff of Jetsons-esque fantasies. Then they became reality and altered our world dramatically. So, what’s next? Here’s a roundup of the emerging technologies with the greatest potential to change our lives. Drones: These aren’t just for taking Instagram-worthy aerial shots. Drones offer plenty of yet-to-be-fully …

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