Three Things to Consider before Buying a Marina

Marinas offer a unique and exciting opportunity for investors who want to live the dream of working by the water. However, with this opportunity comes the challenge of balancing the numbers and living the dream. Before you launch into this endeavor, it’s important to consider the following three things. Scarcity is one of the greatest …

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Putting your business into the best position to raise capital

At some point in the growth cycle of most businesses, they need access to funds for payroll, capital investment, stock on hand, expansion or rebranding. However, there are a lot of criteria that determine what type and how much funding a business is able to draw. Have a business plan that incorporates your funding. One …

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5 questions that you should ask before buying a franchise

Entrepreneurs considering investing in a franchise have a responsibility to due diligence.  To minimize risk and maximize your opportunity for success there are some key questions you should answer before moving forward.

What the Fed’s Survey Findings Mean for Your Business

Recently the Federal Reserve completed a survey of loan officers from 72 of the US largest banks. The results showed that many banks have recently loosened their standards for lending approval. This can have a direct impact on how your business’ loans are processed and approved as you seek capital.


Refinancing Your Loan: How to find the best option for your business

Refinancing, when done correctly, can significantly boost your business. It can save you money, allow you to repay your loan more quickly, give you access to additional cash, or even free up your assets for other use.

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