Who We Are


At Sierra Commercial Capital we know that every loan situation is different - and understand which Banks will and won’t approve your loan.

Some banks will make you fit into a strict set of guidelines which are very different between every bank which can make you feel like you are square peg trying to fit into a round hole.

It’s our job to know exactly who we need to deal with in order to get your loan approved - with the least fuss – and at the best possible rate!


We deal in all forms of Commercial Finance and work to understand your business or investment needs whether it be purchasing- refinancing – or a business loan.

We are the best in the industry and work for you - not the Banks, so it is in our interest to get you the best result every time!

To get started with us simply click on the online inquiry button on our website and we will contact you to start you on your path to your loan approval.

Busines Loan Options

Sierra Commercial Capital provides financing for business owners and investors, with a focus on the California and Hawaii. The business is directed by Marty Sharp, who has decades of experience in commercial and equipment finance.

Behind the scenes Sierra Commercial Capital is a small but versatile team with a shared focus to provide the same great products and competitive rates of the big finance broking companies but with local knowledge, flexibility and second to none customer service.

Our point of difference is having a wide range of options for any deal size, credit situation, and property type.  We can cater to any of your commercial finance needs.

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