Event Technology Can Make Your Meetings Sing and Dance

Would you like to simplify the complicated workflow of event planning and management? Want to make your next meeting powerful and memorable for attendees? Myriad tools are available in today’s high-tech market.

Meeting technology apps continue to become more affordable and easier to use. For business events, platforms offer automated features to create and manage customized event websites and mobile apps, as well as social media integration and analytics. Many also incorporate solutions that automate logistics and flow, personalize event materials and activities, gather data and feedback through polling and voting mechanisms, and enhance the overall meeting experience for attendees.

Technology enables instant updates to meeting schedules, as well as fun things like gamification that can increase audience engagement and drive behavior. Prior to the actual event, apps enable attendees to exchange business cards, post inquiries, indicate areas of specific interest, and connect with presenters and with each other. During the event itself, convenient, searchable, updatable event guide apps offer the added benefit of eliminating the need for binders, folders, printed tickets, or exhibition guides.

Events require care and attention, and organizers need to think deeply about the experience that people will have. Used properly, technology can help boost attendance, deepen audience engagement, provide useful analytics, and make the experience better for attendees. It’s important to determine which technologies fit best with your brand, your audience, and your event goals. Once you do that, you can use event tech to craft an experience that attendees will never forget.

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