How to Maintain Customers during and after a Move -

How to Maintain Customers during and after a Move

Changing your business location poses significant challenges. If not managed properly, a move can disrupt clientele, which can result in a dip in customer satisfaction and a reduction in foot traffic.

To avoid this disruption and maintain existing customer relationships, use the following moving tips.

Update your online presence: Many businesses maintain an active online presence. This includes a website and social media platforms. Cross-promote your move on all your web-based platforms. This will not only direct new patrons to your business but also keep the existing ones informed during relocation.

Reconnect with clients: Some customers may be irregular, with long stretches of time between visits. It will be important to reach out to these clients to ensure that they continue to see you as their first choice when they are ready to use your services again. A mailer can be an effective tool to announce your upcoming move along with a more personalized follow-up call to encourage them to visit your new location.

Consider customer incentives: Rewarding customer loyalty with an incentive is one way to maintain a positive relationship with existing clients. This can be a discount on goods or services or another customer reward that is suitable to your business.

Celebrate the move: Everyone loves a party. Inviting customers past and present to celebrate your move will engage customers and invigorate your business. Attending a celebratory event can remind people why they patronize your business in the first place.

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