Is Your Business Customer-Centric? -

Is Your Business Customer-Centric?

Today’s customers expect you to stand behind your products and services, care about their issues, and promptly resolve their problems. They expect you to be customer-centric.

A customer-centric organization is one in which customer satisfaction is the absolute highest priority. Customer centricity is a deeply embedded business mind-set based on the principle that every aspect of your company is focused on creating an optimal customer experience.

How can you do this?

It begins with clearly articulating a philosophy of putting customers first.

Create awareness both internally and externally. Communicate the impact of customer satisfaction on the company’s performance, and make sure all stakeholders know that customer satisfaction is a core business value. Make it obvious to anyone who walks in the door that customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

Walk the walk and demonstrate your personal commitment to customers. At the same time, empower your employees by giving them the authority and confidence to do what’s right for customers.

Reward employees who go the extra mile for customers. Integrate customer centricity in compensation plans with incentives, bonuses, and rewards that celebrate customers’ successes.

Get the entire team involved with customers, including back-office personnel, your marketing and services associates, and key decision makers.

Of course, the process of creating a customer-centric culture in any organization starts with hiring the right employees and creating the right expectations. Developing a customer-centric culture requires time, resources, and dedication, but its long-term financial and branding benefits are well-documented, demonstrating that the rewards are well worth the efforts.

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