Rollover as Business Start-Ups (ROBS)

Today many people are choosing to preserve their cash and obtain funding in other ways. One popular funding option is to access traditional IRAs or 401(k) funds(from a prior employer). If you have retirement funds and you have not yet paid taxes on those funds, you can use them towards the investment of a business. This can be for both new as well as for an existing business(for recapitalization). You are in control and you determine how much of your funds you would like to invest in your franchise or business.

Retirement Fund

Retirement Funds

If you have a 401(k)/IRA, your money is invested in one or more companies. You have the opportunity and right to roll over your retirement money and invest it into "your company" by buying stock in your new company, tax-deferred and penalty-free, and potentially start your company debt-free.

  • Secure funding FAST - typically 3-4 weeks.
  • Gain business equity and improved cash flow position from start.
  • Accelerate business profitability by managing the amount of debt your new business takes on.
  • Set aside tax deductible retirement saving, up to $62,000 per year
  • Tax deferred Exit Strategy Program when it comes time to sell your business
  • Optimize business equity and value
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