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For businesses in California, the key to success is having access to working capital to run and grow your company. At Sierra Commercial Capital, we provide working capital solutions to businesses in California. We understand the challenges facing business owners in California, and that trying to navigate traditional lending channels can often lead to delays and denials. Sierra Commercial Capital is committed to offering flexible, accessible, and affordable working capital solutions to California business owners, with fast processing and low competitive rates.

MCA Working Capital Loans For California Businesses

Our merchant cash advance (MCA) program gives California business owners the working capital they need to maintain and grow their operations. One of the biggest advantages this working capital solution offers is that it is not designated for anything in particular. Unlike traditional bank loans, that have an intended purpose, our MCA working capital program can be used for everything from ordering supplies to acquiring new equipment, hiring additional staff, marketing campaigns, expanding into larger facilities, or simply paying down existing financial obligations. Working capital solutions from Sierra Commercial Capital are extremely versatile and flexible for California business owners.

Our Working Capital Solutions Are Debt-Free For California Entrepreneurs

Working capital solutions from Sierra Commercial Capital are not like traditional bank loans. First and foremost, there is no debt placed on the balance sheets. Instead, our working capital program is an advance on future credit card sales. This preserves credit ratings for California businesses. Second, there is no payment schedule. Unlike bank loans, which will lock you into monthly payments, regardless of your revenue, our working capital program is completely flexible. As customers make purchases and pay with their credit cards, a small percentage of that sale goes toward repaying the merchant cash advance. This gives California businesses the breathing room they need during light sales periods while giving them the advantage of repaying the advance early when sales are heavy. Which brings us to the third reason why our working capital solutions are great for California businesses – there are no prepayment penalties. Bank loans usually levy hefty penalty fees against businesses that try to repay loans ahead of schedule. This is because the banks make their money off of interest and spread-out payment schedules. At Sierra Commercial Capital, we do not believe penalizing California businesses for being successful. If a business is in the position to repay a working capital advance early to clear any financial obligations off the board, then they should be able to do so without paying extra fees.

The Advantages Of Using Working Capital Solutions

Working capital from Sierra Commercial Capital offers a number of advantages to businesses in California, including:

  • No equity loss
  • No fixed payments
  • No closing costs
  • No application fee
  • Easy and flexible payback

The Best Working Capital Solutions In California

Sierra Commercial Capital is committed to providing the best working capital solutions to California business owners. Contact our offices at 877-924-7474 today to find out how we can work with you to make your business even more prosperous.


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